Few important Search Engine Optimization queries

13 Apr Few important Search Engine Optimization queries

All of us know the importance of Search engine optimization in website design. Some website owners decide to plan SEO for their websites themselves. But for this, you need to have a good knowledge about SEO. There are many online tutorials for SEO techniques. But here few general queries about SEO that might come to your mind.

How important is anchor text?
Anchor text is a very important tool for webpage optimization. Anchor text supports the links on your webpage. The anchor text should describe the content inside the link in short. Anchor text plays a vital role in search engine results too. It also enables easy navigation.

Is it appropriate to have a pop-up window in your website?
Pop-up windows are a great idea unless they cause any kind of irritation to the users. But using pop-up windows for describing and highlighting any of your products/services won’t be a bad idea. Other benefit of pop-up window is it saves your website from being messy and crowded. Another tip is design in the pop-up windows in Javascript. It makes the pop-ups more interactive.

Why is link exchange not helping me increase my rank in search engine?
Link popularity has been proven to increase your rank in search engine. But you need to have a proper track of exchanging links. If you have links to your website on site which is banned or black listed by search engine, your rank won’t ever increase in search engine. Exchange links with good websites which are well developed, reputed and is on top in the search engine results.

Is it necessary to submit your website to search engine again and again?
No, it is not necessary that you submit your website to the search engine monthly or even yearly. Only the first submission matters. Once it is submitted, you won’t have to worry. The search engines keep a track of your website automatically.

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