Few important ue dessability check points of a good websitign!

09 Apr Few important ue dessability check points of a good websitign!

Here is a quick list that one must check with website design and see if the website has all these point fulfilled so that the customer traffic is maintained.

    1. Pop-ups – People hate unnecessary pop-ups that appear when a person opens a webpage. The pop-ups advertisements should be completely eliminated.


    1. Window sizes – Make sure that all the window sizes are same. The opening of small and big windows here and there might irritate the user.


    1. Optimum font-size – The font size should be large enough to be visible to the user. The user’s eye should not be strained on reading the web content. Optimum font size is 10pts.


    1. Visible hyper text links – Make sure that all the text links in website content are easy to identify. The background should be dark and hyper text links should appear in light colour or vice versa.


    1. Proper contact details – Check the website for proper contact details. Make sure the phone number, email address and office address is mentioned.


    1. Search box – The search box should not be too long or too short. The ideal number of characters for a search box is 27.


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