Few things you should know while choosing a domain name

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25 Apr Few things you should know while choosing a domain name

The domain name of your website is the identity for your website design. It has to be chosen carefully. A number of words might pop up in your mind for your domain name but make use of the most appropriate names. You must be aware about the entire process of choosing the domain name. Here are few steps that you can follow while choosing a domain name:

    • Choosing an appropriate domain name: As mentioned earlier, a number of phrases and words will pop-up in your mind while choosing a domain name. Go for the most relevant ones. Keep your domain name short. It should not exceed for more than 4 words. Avoid using hyphens and dashes in between your domain name. Try to include a keyword in your domain name.


    • Payment – Domain names are available for free and paid ones are also there. Opt for the paid domain names. They will give you a personal domain name with “.com”, “.net”, “.org” etc. You can pay for the domain name through credit card or you need to have a PayPal account. You will immediately get your domain name after payment.


    • Web hosting – Web hosting enables you to upload your website on the World Wide Web. There are a number of web hosting services. Whichever you are going for, ask them the name of their primary and secondary servers. It is required for pointing your domain name once you buy it.


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