General tips for logo designing and graphic design

31 Mar General tips for logo designing and graphic design

A logo for a company/brand/organization speaks and should speak a lot about it. Basically, a logo should have some sense or some message in it. A logo designer needs to think a lot on designing a logo and he has to take care that the resultant design should suit the client’s needs. Here are few tips for designing a logo.

  • Simplicity works
    Complicated work always causes a problem. A complicated logo is an obstacle in delivering your aim. If your logo is not simple, you will fail to engage your audience. Sometimes the designed logo doesn’t suit our requirement. As such situations, instead of add up elements and making it more interlocking, it’s better to start with a new idea and redesign the logo from the start.
    • Make it interesting !
      Your logo must not be so simplistic that it delivers the message straightway without letting the audience even think about it. It should be a bit tricky and interesting. It should develop a quest in the minds of people to find out what exactly is the logo all about. On the other hand, the logo should not be extra tricky that the people are hardly able to make out the meaning. The designed should be positioned somewhere in the middle; not too easy and not too tough.


    • Long term logo
      No one knows the future but a company has an idea about what products it might manufacture and sell in future or what services they might provide in future. With the help of these ideas, a logo should be designed such that it can remain unchanged for 10-12 years. Thus, design a logo smartly!


    • Keep is relevant and unique
      Never forget about the good and services offered by a company while designing a logo. The logo and the good/services should always maintain relevance. The logo should keep reminding people about the goods/services.To stand different in a crowd of hundreds, you need to be unique. Carefully study about the company you are making a logo for and design the logo with characteristic color or shape. Do not copy anyone else’s trademarked logo.


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