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Bharat Dabholkar…
After graduating in Economics Honors and Law and training in Business Management, Bharat Dabholkar is today the Managing Director of Publicis India (part of the fourth largest advertising conglomerate in the world).

He is the man behind the legendary Amul Butter advertising and has won awards for excellence in advertising for 14 years in a row. Has also won International awards for creative excellence given by the International Federation of Advertising Agencies. Read papers in International Advertising Convention in Chicago and Okalahoma, USA.

Writer - director of Bottoms up, the longest running musical entertainer in the history of English theatre in India. (The only Indian play to be reviewed by the Time Magazine). Also the writer-director of the second longest running musical - entertainer. (Bharat Dabholkar? Oh no not again!) And, hold your breath, the third longest running entertainer (Monkey Business) in Indian theatre history. In addition, 19 other superhit musical comedies.

Writer - director of two children's plays, (including India's biggest musical muppet show) Has performed his plays to packed houses in every major town in India and also in the US, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Nairobi, Muscat and Dubai.

Writer director of a Hindi serial starring Sunjay Dutt, Govinda, Anil Kapoor among others.

Conceptualized and anchored India's first advertising show on Zee Network called The Dream Merchants.

Conceptualized and anchored India's first realty show Shock TV for Star Network. The British press described him as 'a theatrical invention of "Hinglish" a combination of highly literate English with colloquial Hindi phrases….'

Acted in Bollywood Blockbuster with Shahrukh Khan, Jackie Shroff, and under the direction of Ram Gopal Verma. Also acted with the demi God of Tamil Cinema Rajnikant in his home production. Conceptualised and creatively supervised a music video based on a patriotic song 'Unki yaad Karen' composed by Naushad and written by the Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Ananya Dutt
Advertising copywriter, a professional model, a stage/film actress and now the Vice President, Why Not. She has recently been 'the face of the young Global Indian' in a rockumentary produced by Mick Jagger, featuring the Rolling Stones during their visit in India. The short film carries extensive footage of Ananya, some excerpts of God only Knows (as a symbol of a new kind of cross-cultural film) and the enigma Mick Jagger's visit to the sets of the movie.


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