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Global Solutions is one of India’s leading Graphic design companies. We know how to create and curate brilliant, appealing designs. With an extremely talented team of designers, we play with the right colors and the varied types of depictions, that make your presence felt globally and amongst your target audiences. The next big portfolio you’re putting up or a new organization that you are coming up with, our graphic design services will make sure you have the right content to get you on the map.


The aim of  customized graphic design is to meet the demands of the client and please their target audience. We try to make sure that the interaction employs innovative ideas to create words, symbols and images to build a representation that clearly portrays the message. Our graphics designers will make sure that your persona on the branding justifies the kind of work you do and your targeted set of audience. We try to maintain uniqueness with every graphic design project and make sure that all our projects depict what they should.



  • Analyze your needs
  • Make the designs as appealing as they can be –tailored to your niche
  • Ensure Competitive Pricing
  • Excel in the use of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques
  • Make use of Proper Composition and Balance
  • Are a talented team of illustrators, Animators and Designers


Our Graphic Design services ranges from

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Designs
  • Envelope Designs
  • Corporate Identity
  • Banner Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flex Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Cd Cover Designs
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Posters and Postcards
  • Magazine Cover Design


Brochure designing:
An informative as well as visually noteworthy brochure can educate the masses and also work as a medium of publicity. We try and design your brochure in an original and unique way so that it catches the eye of the audience with one glance.


Ad Design:
A cost-effective technique of promoting a brand through various modes – newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc. – this is what ad-design is all about. We help you come up with effective ads which help you stand out from your competitors as well as reflect the company’s ideology. The vision and the mission of the company is clearly communicated through our appealing ad designs.


Corporate Designing:
Our hard work will reinforce brand recognition among your target audience and will let your organization’s persona speak out your goals and objectives and connect well with your prospective customers. Our technique of promoting a company and improving the culture is one that the global corporate world shares.


Newsletter Design:
We create exceptionally attractive newsletters and ensure that they satisfy all your requirements. The basic purpose of your newsletter is to give all information about the upcoming and new progress in business to the people and we make sure that our designed newsletter is visually appealing and is able to convey all that you wish to. We design all kinds of newsletters which accomplish your goals, grab attention and garners appreciation.


Business Card Design:
We guarantee an exclusive blend of Backgrounds, Textures and Graphics, professional color schemes and sophisticated fonts to provide you with a business card that will leave a good first impression in minds of your clients.


CD and DVD Cover Design:
CD & DVD Cover designs play an important role when it comes to promoting and publicizing one’s business services or products. If you want to reach out to your potential audience in a simple yet professional manner your CD and DVD cover design should be splendid and catchy and we make it happen for you.


Flyer Design:
Flyers containing your company’s name portray the image of your company and therefore its necessary to create high-quality and exceptional flyer designs which meet your business requirements in a professional way. We come up with designs that are capable of improving your business image.


Letterhead Design :
Corporate business field is all about making that first positive impression and your letterheads are very important in the field of business promotion. They are the company’s representative that contain it’s business name, logo and whole identity in a professional sleek manner. We make sure that each of our letterhead designs are prepared with care and commitment.


Poster Design:
Posters are and have always been an efficient means to promote one’s film, music or an event. They are a highly effective tool for any business venture to communicate with the people through elegant styles and appealing designs. We help you design spectacular posters that are visible and appeal to the crowd on a large scale.


Wallpaper Design:
We design your wallpaper depending upon its primary purpose, its target domain, and the content which it needs to present. We try and make sure that it grabs attention and suits your specific business requirements too.


Magazine Design:
It is a great tool to use as a snazzy corporate brochure. We make sure that the articles, guides, or tips that we put into each publication are up to date, cater to your target audience and provide something informative, which your target audience is going to want to read.


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Corporate Identity Design

Global Solutions offers complete corporate identity design package.

Business Card Design

Professional design for your business card complimenting your Logo design.

Brochure Design

Brochure design is the best way to communicate with your prospective clients.

Graphic Design

Our Creative Designers specializes in all kind of graphic design projects.

Newsletter Design

Newsletter is a best medium to announce new Products & Services.

Illustration & Cartoon Design

Our graphic designers team specializes in all kind of illustrations and character design.

Professional Logo Design

We specialize in Professional & Affordable Logo design for all businesses.

Outsource Graphic Design

Premier graphic design company based in India with over 8000 design projects.

Experienced Graphic Designers

We have customized design packages for each client fitting their respective budgets.

We build websites that build your business. We shape images that shape your brand.