Guidelines for a JEWELLERY website design

19 Apr Guidelines for a JEWELLERY website design

E-commerce is gaining high success throughout. Jewellery is one of the products which can be successfully sold over the web to the people. And there are in fact a number of websites that sell jewellery online. Here are some tips that you can follow for a jewellery website design.

    • A jewellery website can contain bright colours and a colourful theme. A jewellery website should reflect elegance in itself.


    • Whichever kind of jewellery you’re selling; make sure each and every product has a proper detailed description.


    • Properly categorize all the type of jewellery you sale in different menus which are accessible easily.


    • Upload beautiful photos of the product set you are selling. Use good quality images to attract people. You can also upload the images of the product from different angles.


    • Give a creative and different name to your each product. This will attract the customers more. Yes, a unique name has a good impact.


    • Make use of an effective shopping cart. Let the entire check out process me user friendly.


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