Guidelines for designing tri-fold Brochure Design

04 Apr Guidelines for designing tri-fold Brochure Design

There are many types of Brochure Designs. Some are single-paged brochures, some are bi-folded while some are tri-folded etc. Normally, companies and business organizations prefer a tri-folded brochure design. A tri-folded brochure design can be easily handled and is customizable. Such brochures give opportunity to the companies to create awareness in the public about their products and services. A good brochure design will always yield something better. Hence, certain rules should be followed by the brochure designer when designing brochure design.

Compact and quality text
A proper and a compact description of a product/service/ organization is a basic rule to be followed while designing a brochure. The text should not be very less and very large. It should be precise, short and crispy. It should come as a punch line so that people become eager to know more about it. Never compromise with grammar. The brochure should have proper heading text and subheading text. This is makes is easier for the people to go through the brochure.

First cover page should be captivating
The first cover page of the brochure should be eye-catching and must ideally contain the company name, company’s logo, company’s details and a catchy tag line describing the product or service.

Back cover details

The back cover should not contain any product details or description. The back cover in a brochure is meant only for contact details. Put in the company address, contact number, email id, fax number etc.

Customer oriented language

Do not use any kind of technical languages in product description or in anything in the brochure. People love simplicity and a brochure designer should concentrate on the same. Use of industry language might lead to boredom in the minds of the people. Hence, keep is simple and best.

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