Guidelines for effective Request a Quote form on your contact us page

17 Apr Guidelines for effective Request a Quote form on your contact us page

Online presence of your business is a necessity today. It not helps you go global but also uplifts your business. For the client, your website is your first impression and the first medium of contact. When it comes to online business, your client will first look for a “Request a Quote” form on your website rather than looking for your contact number. Thus, your “Request a Quote” must be effective and client-friendly. Here are few tips for effective “Request a Quote” form on your website designs contact us page.

A “Request a Quote” form must contain proper questions.

There is no specific list of questions that should in included in “Request a Quote” form as every business company deals in different things. But there are few basic and common things are should be included.

a)      Contact information such as Name, email address and phone number.

b)      You can also include an optional field “About me” where the client can mention some key points about himself. But remember not to make it a compulsion as some hate to write so much.

c)       You can also include a drop down menu which will include the services provided about you and ask the client to select a service he is interested in.

d)      Also, you can put an option for uploading a file. The client can upload a file which contains detail of his requirements.

e)      Last but not the least; you can mention a field for budget range of the client. This proves to be more useful to you.

Keep is concise

Nobody loves to fill up length forms for “Request a Quote” form. Thus, include limited questions which are really needed. Unnecessarily asking many questions can irritate the client. Thus, your “Request a Quote” should be user-friendly.

Make a responsive “Request a Quote” form

Your “Request a Quote” should be simple first of all. It should load quickly and should be easy to use. A “Request a Quote” form should be meant for what it is made. Extra questions or details will make it ineffective.

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