Guidelines for making a good Business card – Graphic Designing

03 Apr Guidelines for making a good Business card – Graphic Designing

A business card particularly bears professional information if a company or an individual. A business card is usually exchanged amongst people in formal meets. A business card can speak a lot about your professional personality. A business card should be graphically designed in such a way that its unique, resourceful and the one that seeks attraction automatically.

Business cards serve many purposes but the main purpose is delivering contact information. The basic data that must be included in a business card should be the company’s/individual’s name ,  individual’s title or what the company does, and most importantly contact details such as telephone number, fax number, address, email,  etc. Remember that it’s a business card and not a brochure or a pamphlet. Include all the important and necessary things only.

Most of the times, a decent business card has horizontal layout. Do not forget to put in the company’s logo on the business card. Softwares like Adobe Illustrator are very good for creating business cards.  For references, you can search on internet for variety of innovative business card formats.

A graphic designer should design a business card in such a way that it becomes a magical ingredient for the growth of the business.

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