Guidelines for organizing your blog in different categories

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25 Apr Guidelines for organizing your blog in different categories

There are number of articles and posts on your blog. They need to be properly organized in different categories. If they aren’t properly organized, people will get confused and they might simply leave reading your blog. Here are some effective guidelines for blog organization.

    • Proper category names – When you organize the blog in to different categories, the categories should be given proper names. The posts under that category should be relevant to the category name.


    • Limited categories – Just because you have to create categories, you cannot create many categories. Create categories which are actually needed. Categorize the posts in to basic topics.


    • Categories should fit in – Make sure that all your categories fir in one single screen. The user should not need to scroll down the page to view all the categories. This is a part of user-friendliness of a website.


    • Don’t repeat a single post in multiple categories – Repetition of post in multiple categories will confuse the readers and they will come across the same post a several times.


    • Show the number of posts inside each category – This adds to a proper blog orientation. Users know how many posts are actually there inside a particular category.


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