Guidelines for password setting and relevant points in website development

17 Apr Guidelines for password setting and relevant points in website development

Password to your account is like a key to your house. Passwords are the main medium of security to the users. But hackers always target the password of the users to hack the website or email id or networking accounts. Thus, password should be a website developersconcern while developing a website. Even while setting the password for the user or asking the user to set the password, the users face difficulty sometimes. Thus, here are some guidelines you should follow while setting the password in a user-friendly manner for the users.

    • Some websites make it a compulsion for long passwords and keep a big lower limit of characters for the password. While there are some websites which ask the users to compulsorily include letters, numbers, and symbols in one password. This becomes quite annoying for the user. All this is meant for security but the user’s password flexibility should also be considered.


    • Avoid sending passwords to the users through email. Let them set the passwords themselves while creating the account. Even email ids are hacked in large numbers. If your want to mail the users something, you can mail him the link to set another password.


    • If a user forgets password, you provide them with an alternative option of “Security Questions”. Never keep limited security questions of your own. Let the users create their own security question and give a answer to it. The questions given by you may not be relevant to the user.


    • Also, provide a solution of password hint along with the password. This proves helpful if the user forgets his password.


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