Have an old rejected website design? Reuse it now: 4 productive ways!

17 Apr Have an old rejected website design? Reuse it now: 4 productive ways!

If you are a successful web developer now, you must have started it with amateur website designing. Sometimes you fall short of ideas for website designing too. As such times, you can make use of your old website designs that you crated while you were an amateur designer. Here are 4 productive ways of reusing your old website design –

    1. Upload these old design on your portfolio – uploading your designs which are unused can make your portfolio a bit interesting. The client might consider your talent right from the time when you just started web designing. Also, you can upload them on Flickr or Forrst and participate in their discussions about web designing


    1. Use them as teaching material – If you have a blog of yours, you can post a tutorial about web designing on your blog. In this post, you can exemplify your design as an amateur web design and ask the readers to spot the difference between a professional design and amateur design themselves.


    1. Redesign and reuse – Now you have more knowledge about web designing. Hence, you can modify your old design in to a complete interactive web design by incorporating some changes in it. You can then use it for another website.


    1. Reuse any of the elements of your old design – If it is not possible to modify the entire web design, you can pick up the best elements of your old design and use them in your new design thereby reaping all the benefits of the old design.


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