How to change your website hosting?

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25 Apr How to change your website hosting?

You face a number of problems in the entire process of website development. Web hosting services can also cause trouble to you. The web hosting services that you use might not require your needs or not support a new feature that you are using or might not even provide proper help desk. All these are the reasons that cause you to change your web hosting services. You have to be careful while changing your website hosting and so that the change is error-free and smooth. Here are the following steps to change your web host:

    • Sign up for a new account and upload files– You must sign up and ask for a new account and password from the new web hosting company that you are going for. Make sure that your entire account is functioning properly and then you can transfer your domain name to the new web hosting company. Copy and paste your entire previous directory to the new server as it is except CGI/PERL scripts. Ask your web hosting provider about the server where PERL scripts are placed and the directory where your website is located. You might require making manual changes if it is different in this web host.


    • Transferring the domain name – after checking whether all the things are fine on your account and after uploading all the files and scripts, you can ask your web hosting company to transfer your domain name. Around 2 weeks after transferring is done, DNS servers around will be updated for your website.


    • Testing – After transferring, manually test all the web pages by entering their URLs on the browser and see if they load properly. Before testing, you will have to make changes in your script. You will have to change the names in the codes which are related to domain name to IP address of your website on the new web host.


    • Aborting your old account – Do not immediately cancel our old account as you sign up for a new account. Wait for around 2 weeks or more and then cancel your account. The perfect time for aborting your old account is when you stop receiving mails in the account of your old server.


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