How to choose a right CMS when designing your website?

03 Apr How to choose a right CMS when designing your website?

There are number of CMSes that are on the list of good CMS. But when it comes to top 3 CMS, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are on the list.

WordPress is famous for its blogging system but it is also a good CMS. A perfect combination of plug-ins and themes on WordPress can give a good e-commerce or a e-book website too. It has a number of new extensions and plug-ins.

Joomla is good or may be best at designing and developing. But it has a slight technicality and is not as easy as WordPress. WordPress is more user friendly than Joomla. A new user might not understand the functioning of Joomla. He will have to refer the working data before starting to use it.

Drupal is a bit more technical than Joomla and WordPress. Only the experienced developers can handle Drupal easily. Drupal CMS is not meant for the beginners or learners. Drupal is oriented more with social networking features. And it is best for social networking sites.

In short, WordPress is user-friendly and easier to handle than Joomla and Drupal CMSes. A developer is more comfortable with Drupal. Hence, how to choose a CMS depends upon the kind of website you want and your level of knowledge about the CMSes.

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