How to choose correct domain name?

13 Apr How to choose correct domain name?

Domain name is the most important and basic aspect of any website. They are used in the URL’s of the website. Each domain name is selected and created with intensive care and thinking. In short domain name is your website’s identification and it should be very unique.

Following are some of the characteristics that a domain name should have:

    • Simple and short


    • Easy to remember


    • Easy to spell


    • .com extension should be preferred


Simple and short
An ideal domain name is supposed to be short and simple; it should be short but unique. It should contain less number of letters and words. If your domain name is below 10 letters it will be considered effective. One word domain is considered to be best domain name. For example:

Easy to remember:
Always try to select words which are easy to remember. If your domain name is easy to remember more and more people will tend to visit it. Easy to remember does not mean using small names but using easy names which are easy to remember.

Easy to spell:
While choosing a domain name special attention should be paid towards the spelling of the domain name. If the spelling is complicated, users will miss spell it and they will land on a different site, hence losing customers.

.com extension should be preferred:
Extension denotes the type of business for ex .edu, .org etc. But .com extension is the most popular extension and is known to be the default extension by most of the users. Hence using .com extension is always beneficial when selecting domain name for your new website design.

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