How to customize your Blog and Revitalize your blog innovatively

17 Apr How to customize your Blog and Revitalize your blog innovatively

At the beginning of blogging, things seem very easy. Fresh ideas pop up to your mind very immediately. But eventually when the blog starts becoming older, even you fall short of ideas ant topic to write in for the blog. You refer a number of blogs, read magazines for inspiration; still you fail to get some nice fresh ideas. But do not worry. Here are few effective tips which will help you customise your blog in an innovative way such that you don’t fall short of fresh ideas.

    • News posts – When you don’t have must good ideas to write on, you can always have blogs posts on news to write. News posts are not online compact but also quite informative. Also, publishing news posts keeps you connected and updated with the new trends. If your blog is on a web designing, you can publish about the recent launches of tools and softwares for website designing.


    • Profile post – You can also write about famous people relevant to your blog topic. You can mention about their brief biography, achievements and contributions to that particular field.


    • Posts on recent controversies – Remember the blog readers like to read controversial posts. Hence, it is a good idea to write posts on controversial topics. Such posts also compel people to share their views in the form of comments.


    • Inspirational posts – You can research and write about an inspiring story about any good character.


    • Stories – You can also write stories which are relevant to your blog topic. This adds to a big change in your blog, both for you as well as readers.


    • Brief definition posts – These kinds of posts are similar to Wikipedia. You can research about a term and write about it in your blog in brief.


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