How to do Social Media Marketing and what is Social Bookmark service?

12 Apr How to do Social Media Marketing and what is Social Bookmark service?

Social bookmark services are way too different from your normal bookmark tool. In social bookmark service one can easily bookmark any of the pages on the World Wide Web and can review it anytime later. In social bookmarking services the content you bookmarked is saved in public bookmarking websites. Some of the public bookmarking websites are digg, delicious and stumbleupon.

When a normal user bookmarks something the URL get stores in the computer. But there are limited numbers of slots to store bookmarks in a computer. Hence to overcome this limitation social bookmarking service was introduced.

In recent years social bookmarking services became a part of search engine optimizationi.e. if your websites URL is listed in social bookmarking website, your website will improve its page rank in search engine results.

As your websites page rank is improved more and more people will get attracted towards your website hence creating more business.

Social bookmarking service is also helpful for advertising purposes; if people are bookmarking your website they will automatically view all your updates from time to time hence creating brand awareness.

Hence Social bookmarking services are effective and inexpensive way to attract more visitors to your website design.

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