How to earn money from home by blogging?

05 Apr How to earn money from home by blogging?

Blogging is usually done out so interest in particular field. It is quite an interesting job for some people. But creativity is not enough for surviving a life. It requires something more than that. Money is equally important. The question of how blogging can earn you is solved below. There are 5 ways in which blogging can help you earn.

Niche Blogging

All of us know that niche marketing and blogging are not new terms. But the term niche blogging has come in to existence in the recent times. Niche blogging can be defined as the blogging intended to use the blog as a marketing tool to a particular niche market. The ways and means through which money is made in niche market are advertisements, pay-per-click ads, associating the sales, and sale of personal products too.

Authority Blogging

Authority blogging is somewhat similar to niche blogging. Authority blogging includes blogging for long period of time. The difference between niche blogging and authority blogging is that niche blogging can contain a limited number of articles and the blog can be ended whereas authority blogging needs continuous updates and articles in its blogs. Authority blogging also earns through various kinds of advertisements.

Guest Blogger

If you want to earn through guest blogging, you need to be an expert in that particular field. If you feel you have pretty good knowledge about any particular field, you can get paid for guest blogging in other blogs relating to that field. You can advertise yourself as a guest blogger in your own blog which will expose you to the blogging world.


Some blogs which are large receive a lot of comments and posts every day. All of these comments and posts cannot be uploaded in the blog. Hence, such big blogs need a moderator who can approve or disapprove the posts/comments. These jobs might not yield much money but will definitely yield a quality experience about blogging.

Paid membership blogs

If you are able to provide some extra ordinary content which is not usual and is worth paying for a monthly membership, it can earn you a lot. It is similar to authority blog but contains quality data but people will have to pay to the blogger monthly membership fee for viewing this quality data.

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