How to get top ranking on google and other search engines?

13 Apr How to get top ranking on google and other search engines?

Search engine positioning and top ranking is a very important term in SEO i.e. Search engine optimization. For SEO of your website, it is necessary that you position your website on search engines. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to follow a number of steps and undertake effective measures for search engine positioning on your website. Few key points are given below.

    • Keyword Research – Keywords are the backbone of SEO structure. The keywords in your web content play a very important role in website traffic. For this, you can prepare a list of keywords which match your web content and company. You can refer other websites which are similar to yours and see the keywords they have used. If your web content has quality and exact keywords, your website will be easily positioned in the search engines.


    • Relevant content – the most important aspect of website is its content. Your web content tells everything to the visitor about your website. A website selling electronic goods must have content related to electronics. Also, your content should be properly categorized. Users hate to read long content and hence your content should be precise and informative. All the things you want to mention in your website should be put in properly enriched with keywords. A good content is your weapon to good website.


    • Link popularity – Link popularity is a concept of SEO based on the link exchange of websites. More the number of links to your website, better will be your position in search engine. You should always link to websites which are good and have a good record. Linking to banned websites won’t help you in search engine positioning.


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