How to improve the sales on your E-Commerce website design?

05 Apr How to improve the sales on your E-Commerce website design?

Many people visit the E-commerce websites and leave without buying anything. You might call it “Virtual Window Shopping”. But visiting is not enought for your website. To make profit, you need to have customers who buy products from your website.  Here are few tips that can help you in increasing the sales for your website.


    • Follow ups on new account – Many a times, people register to your website but do not buy anything. It is your duty to make them aware about the products available on the website as they are new to the website. You can send them mails containing some quality information about your website. They might become interested in buying products from your website then


    • Follow ups after the products are ordered – Once you know what kind of products has a person ordered, you can send them emails regarding similar products or discounts on similar products. You can also ask them for their overall feedback about your website service through emails.


Attract the customers via discounts

Create a coupon page for your website offering discounts on products on your website. People sometimes google for discount and promo codes. Thus creating such coupon page might help in increasing your sale

Awareness through email

You can send optional emails to your website users. But make sure that your emails don’t get converted to spam. Ask the people whether they are interested in receiving emails and newsletter. Send them frequent emails only if they are interested in receiving emails.

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