How to keep track of visitors on your website?

11 Apr How to keep track of visitors on your website?

After developing the website there are some things that website owner wishes to know like: which page of the website are being visited the most, what is the rank of the website on the search engine, number of visitors visiting the site and from which country etc.

There are many software’s available to determine such things for example Google analytics. Such software’s provide information about the number of people visiting the site, from which country etc. But this takes time because loads of data have to be processed to get such information. Website tracking is very important and tracking code should be embedded when creating new website design.

Website designers and owners are rather much interested in instant notification. Through instant notification one can know who all are visiting the site at the particular moment.

Instant notification is required to find out about your website’s effectiveness and its online performance. It gives an idea about the number of people who find your website useful and people who can become your customers. There are chances that your website lacks in certain areas or it does not contain proper content on the main page as required. Many times you may see that the visitors don’t do the expected actions on your website as expected. Sometimes visitors don’t even see other web pages other than your home page. Such drawbacks if present can be only known when you get instant notifications.

Other advantage of instant notification is that, one can rectify the mistakes on the website and make the required changes. Such notifications are necessary to increase the effectiveness of the website.

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