How to make a better homepage on your new website design?

09 Apr How to make a better homepage on your new website design?

Yes, it is a fact that the world’s most visited homepage on the web is the simplest. The developers know the importance of having a simple website design. There are 4 main things that websites like Google take care of for a better and simple home page. They are –

    • The website homepage should have a clear “Call to Action”. Clear calls to action include elements such as “read more” , “recommend to a friend” ,  “contact us”, “request a quote”, “view our work/portfolio” etc. Inclusion of all these elements in a homepage will make the website user friendly. This also increases the conversion rate for the website.


    • A clear message delivery is very important. According to stats, an online visitor’s attention span is for 8 to 10 seconds.  Hence, it is important to deliver your exact message on the homepage to the visitors clearly and then provide the quick links to the website’s internal pages. Also, use short paragraphs on your home page, keep your message simple and make use of large fonts.


    • The third important thing your website should have is integration of social media to your website content. Nowadays, everyone uses social networking site and have a account on social media. Thus, if you integrate your website with at least anyone of the popular social networking, people can easily access your website by signing in to your account.


  • Your website should have an element of stickiness. There is a lot of competition on the web. There are a number of websites based on the same topic. Thus, you must have some features on your website that makes people drive towards your website. You have to be different by updating the web content regularly, uploading incorporated videos, providing options for signing up for newsletters and RSS feeds.
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