How to make Facebook fan page design successful?

17 Apr How to make Facebook fan page design successful?

Facebook by far has been the most successful social media with more than 800 million active members and the digit in increasing every moment. The expansion of Facebook on such a large scale is providing effective ways for business promotion and brand promotion with a huge target audience.

Facebook offers you a feature which is “Facebook Fan Page”. Through this platform, you can enhance your corporate identity. You can customize your Facebook fan page according to your requirements. Make sure you appropriately customise the Facebook fan page for proper promotion. Here are few effective ways of making branding successful through customizing Facebook fan page.

Use a catchy profile picture

The most vital element of your Facebook fan page is your profile picture. An attractive profile picture will attract more people to like your fan page. Your profile picture of Facebook fan page plays a role equivalent to your logo for your company. Thus, be careful while selecting a profile picture.  Upload only those images as your profile picture which shows relevance to your brand. Also, keep changing your profile picture so that you keep getting a new look for your fan page

Edit the thumbnail image

Thumbnail image is the small sized image that appears right to your fan page’s name when you post something on your fan page or somewhere else. Many people ignore the thumbnail image. You can highlight the important part of your profile picture image and put it as your thumbnail image.

Make proper use of photo strip

The Photo Strip feature of Facebook Fan Page is very good. You can upload hundreds of photos of your products and services. These photos keep changing every time a new visitor visits your page. Thus, it lets you highlight your products in a proper manner. Always upload photos which make sense individually. Do not upload photos in any kind of order as photo strip shuffles the photos randomly.

Appropriately select the companies you “like”

The visitors to your fan page can see the companies you like. Facebook views 5 companies that you like to the visitor on the fan page. Thus, select companies which are associated to you. Do not commit the mistake of liking your competitor’s company or any irrelevant companies.

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