How to make your Blog interesting – 5 guidelines!

05 Apr How to make your Blog interesting – 5 guidelines!

I am sure you have gone through very interesting blogs as well as very boring blogs, haven’t you?  You might be wondering what is the reason why some blogs are so catchy while some are so boring? Below are 5 ways in which you can make the posts in your blogs more interesting.

Start it with a interrogative manner

You can always ask questions relating to the topic while writing a blog. Question doesn’t mean a examination question. Ask a rhetorical question having an obvious answer.

Make use of Quotes

A blog cannot be simply a pile of sentences stated in the form of fact. Make use of some quotes and funny one-liners or short stories that helps in keeping people attached to the post.

Try to create imagery

Things are understood better when people imagine them in their minds. The use of words like “imagine” or “think of” lead to better understanding while reading a blog.

Make comparison by using Simile

Comparison makes reading easy for the reader and they are able to connect things well. Using of figures of speech like metaphor, simile and analogy will also help in creating imagery.

Use of statistics

Make use of statistics in your post. But make sure that you don’t use statistical data after every paragraph. Just mention a statistic that might be shocking or surprising to the reader.

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