How to secure your wordpress, joomla CMS?

17 Apr How to secure your wordpress, joomla CMS?

The popular CMSes are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. CMS are very easy to use and have been popular for web development and website design. Whichever CMS you are using, your website need to be secured. There are certain general security tips you can follow for protecting your website irrespective of the CMS you are using.

    • Avoid using the default passwords – Default passwords are the ones which are given at the time of installation. These passwords are quite easy and are common words or number. Hackers know this and they can easily hack the website if you do not change the default password. Thus, change is as soon as the installation is complete.


    • Blank passwords are risky too – if you have a blank password, a hacker can immediately hack your website within seconds. Hence, both the admin as well as non-admin accounts should not have a blank password.


    • Go for secured websites – Never make use of web hosting which is insecure. You cannot find solutions for an insecure web hosting. Hence, it is better to go for a secured web hosting.


    •  Restrict the privileges offered to the users – Apart from hacking from outsiders, people may try to hack your website internally by creating a account. Hence, you must not provide the users will many privileges. Offer limited benefits to the users and restrict some features to yourself.


    • Check for security on plug-ins – Every CMS has tools, extensions, plug-ins etc. Make sure you use only those extensions and plug-ins which have enough security. Hackers might even enter your website through this plug-ins


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