How to Track Website Visitors as Website Visitors are the potential Customers

09 Apr How to Track Website Visitors as Website Visitors are the potential Customers

Strategic web designing is not the only method for increasing the sales of your online products, there are various other factors which influence the sales and a good web designer should always keep them in mind.

There are many visitors who just visits the website but do not purchase anything, one should not consider them as waste of time rather they should consider them as potential buyers.

These visitors can also be called as information gatherers, they are not ready to buy anything at a particular moment but they are collecting information on cheapest price range, quality differences etc for their future purchases.

An ideal website designwill give all such information to the visitors along with the company’s information and history So that once the customer makes up his mind to make the final purchase, yours website will be the one they will remember.

Every time information gatherer stops by your page he is a potential customer for your business. Make sure you have an amazing landing page that will give any information seekers what they are looking for right away. If they don’t get the information they are looking for you will probably lose your potential customer. You can also embed Google Analytics code so that you can see how many users visited your website, which pages they like and so on.

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