Image Editing – Editing images online

31 Mar Image Editing – Editing images online

If you are a amateur and you don’t have much skills for softwares like Photoshop , this is something for you. There is a list of number of websites which provide editing the images online.  It is devoid of much technicalities and are quite simple. Many websites provide with simple instructions as how to send the images and they process and send the edited images in 24 hours.

Editing images online has made editing a bit easy for basic editing. You don’t have to work manually on images for editing. Websites like provide easy editing of images. You will find a number of features like cropping, converting the images to grayscale, image retouching, adjusting the exposure for the image, changing the color tone etc. some websites provide advanced features like giving a photo studio effect to the image with different backgrounds for the image. Online image editing also allows making photo collage now. You can compile a number of images in to a single image. Some websites offer photo templates which are very unique and different.

To a normal image, you can add quotes, photo badges or put your photo on the cover page of a magazine, obviously fake!  Online image editing also provides changing the eye color, hair color or even skin color. You can make polaroids.  There are number of experience you can have on online image editing.

Creative Retouching is one of the websites which specializes in image retouching.

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