Importance of fonts in website designing

09 Apr Importance of fonts in website designing

“Fonts”, not many web designers take this seriously; hence most of their outcomes are untidy. Fonts are the only things responsible for visibility and readability of the website.

Times new roman, Arial, Calibri are the fonts which are most commonly used by majority of the web designers. The reason for this is that these fonts are simple and very readable. Using of such fonts doesn’t wrack your brains and is always appreciated by the visitors.

Following are some of the pointers that a novice professional should consider using in his design:-

Whitespace: – Whitespace is a very important aspect of typography. If the white space is less the content will appear messy and visitor won’t be staying on the page for long. Hence one should always keep attention on the whitespace and should try to ignore tight fonts to avoid confusion.

Experimentation: – One can experiment with video size, image size/dimension, animations, graphics etc. But one should never experiment with fonts because wrong font selection has a bad effect on the message of the websites content.

Headline fonts: – Headline fonts should always be used for headings and head liners, using it for other purposes will only create mess, because headline fonts are some fonts which should be only used in heading and not in the paragraphs.

Selection of fonts is a very critical task in web designing, one needs immense experience and knowledge to develop correct knowledge about fonts.

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