Important interaction of an ecommerce website

12 Apr Important interaction of an ecommerce website

E-commerce websites have tremendously gained success. The availability of credit card, debit card, net banking, cash on delivery facilities, e-commerce has flourished successfully in this era. The entire e-commerce thing or electronic marketing revolves around two things – business and customer. There are 4 main kinds of interactions in this virtual store. Business and customers have 4 combinations or interactions amongst themselves in the following ways –

    1. Business to Consumer (B2C) – In this type of interaction, the customers are offered products which are on sale by the business. Examples of products sold via B2C interaction are garments, mobiles, watches, repair services, reservation of train or flight etc.


    1. Business to Business (B2B) – This interaction is more known ad industrial marketing. It occurs between two businesses. Example is one business man sells his raw material to another business man.


    1. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) – This kind of interaction includes the selling of auctioned good mostly. One customer sells it to another customer.


    1. Consumer to Business (C2B) – In this combination, the customer is totally reliable on the good and services offer by the business.


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