Important Parts of a Webpage in a Website Design

07 Apr Important Parts of a Webpage in a Website Design

One cannot count types or varieties of WebPages using his fingers, but still there are some common typical elements which are seen in almost all the websites.

There are four main parts of a website, together these four parts creates a basic website. These four parts are also known to be the most basic parts, if one masters in coding of these four parts he then has strong groundwork.

Following are four basic parts of a webpage that needs to be perfected:-

Banner or Header:-

This part is on the top of the web page; mostly it contains the company’s logo and company’s name in bold letters. Sometimes it also has a search box to search from website’s contents. If the header is attractive then the visitors tend to stay more on a site to explore it. So, it becomes absolutely essential to pay attention to the making and placing of the header on the site.

Menu or Navigation:-

This part contains links to help visitors move around the site, Easier the navigation on the site more are the chances of visitors staying long on your site.

Content area/Main body:-

This is the part where main content or the subject of the website is placed. One can also embed images, videos, sounds in this part. A well-presented website is not effective if its content is not up to the mark. So, it is important to keep check on the content uploaded on the site.


This part is always on the bottom, it often contains links to terms and conditions, agreements etc.

Each part of the webpage has its own significance and cannot be ignored; all these above mentioned parts together are responsible for making up a good website.

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