Important Tips on Mobile Application Development

29 Mar Important Tips on Mobile Application Development

The world is changing and it is deviating more towards science and technology. In recent times, the use of smart phones, tabs, I phones, palmtops, notebooks etc has increased amazingly. There are thousands of mobile applications today which provide a lot to the users. If you are a mobile app developer. And you wish to develop an application that becomes successful and is user friendly, here are 6 tips that you might want to know.

Get in to the minds of the end users
Before beginning the process of developing a mobile app, you must get in the psyche and skin of the end users. First prioritize the requirement of the users followed by the development of the application. Consider the factors such as the simplicity of the app, key purpose of the app and the technicality of the app. Define you target audience first and accordingly include the features in your app.

Provide the users with an experience
Experience has been an intriguing factor in the recent times deciding the success or failure of an application. Hence, you must focus both on functionality as well as providing the users with an experience.

If providing experience is a question, the answer would be create unique styles, give  different names, provide some extraordinary features or do something unusual but beneficial that may grab user’s attention.

Security of the application
Security for any application is must and if there is no security, it is considered as a major drawback of the application. Any flaw in the security part of the application throws a message that the application is not developed with sincerity. Thus, the security of the application must be taken care of while developing. The security of the 3 things – work flow, data and functionality must be perfectly taken.

Limited and prominent features only
Don’t bombard the app with lot of features. This will only lead to the loss of clarity and usability of the mobile app. It is very confusing for the app developer sometimes to choose what features should be included and which features should be excluded. Nevertheless, take care of the basic requirement of the users and include only specific features.

Cater both the client and the end user
Sometimes the client demand competitive features in the app and the end users demand something else. This leads to a lot of confusion to the developer and is like a nightmare to the developer.

At such times, the developer should talk to the client and make him aware about the limitations caused due to inclusion of certain features. Use your skills and experience at such a situation.

Test and retest the application
Before trying the application, check if the functional attributes are working well. Make sure that it responds to most of the devices without any error. Also, check if the codes are proper and not broken anywhere. See to it that the entire application fits itself according to the size of mobile screens. Check and recheck until it is perfect before reaching the end users.

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