Internet marketing trends: 2012

24 Apr Internet marketing trends: 2012

Technology is developing on a faster rate. These changes in everyday technology have changed the face of entire marketing on the internet. Digital marketers are changing the methods of marketing according to the changing trends. Here are the 2012 internet marking trends that exist and that will change eventually.

  • Increased used on ipads and other Smartphones – Nowadays, people are using smartphones, notebooks, tabs, and ipads more than computers and desktops. Technology has enabled equivalent features of the computer in these smartphones. Websites are designed and marketed from a point of view of these smartphones and ipads more.
  • Focus on the web content – Web developers are becoming aware of the important of content and shifting their focus from designing to web content and SEO. Focussing more on content will indirectly lead to concentration on content marketing.
  • Social media – This trend of marketing through social media has already begun. People will rely on social media majorly for marketing their business and website. People will come to know about the product and service launch of a website through social media in future.
  • Google+ – It is predicted than for internet marketing in business terms, Google+ will overtake Facebook which is used by a million of users currently.
  • Mobile based websites and application – We have already started experiencing this trend. Web developers now develop websites which are mobile-friendly. Millions of people access internet through mobile and the number is increasing every moment. Thus, mobile phones are going to be a trend in 2012 internet marketing.
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