Joomla Website Development – disadvantages and advantages

29 Mar Joomla Website Development – disadvantages and advantages

Gaining popularity all over, Joomla is an open source CMS i.e Content Management System. It helps publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. Joomla has not only created a buzz as WordPress did, but also has beneficial features such as page caching, RSS feeds, blogs, polls, etc. Written in PHP, Joomla website development has proven to be worth using.

Why Joomla?

Most of all, Joomla is available in a single version and it is completely cost-free. Joomla has more than 9000 extensions unlike other commercial CMS softwares.

New to the software world? It’s no more a problem. Joomla is user friendly even for non techy persons. Joomla is a secured website development software. Managing blogs has become easy with Joomla. It doesn’t take mch efforts to post or remove the blogs. Joomla also supports a number of languages. According to the theme of your site, Joomla provides you the use of templates.

Joomla has a well trained and full-fledged community group which manages artivles, blogs, queries, forums etc and lets everyone be a part of it.

Got a technical problem and stuck somewhere in the middle? Don’t worry, Joomla has 24*7 assistance for solving all the technical glitches. Joomla is proven to be more customizable than the other CMSes.

Joomla is reviewed more stable than WordPress and easier to theme than Drupal.

Disadvantages !

When WordPress and Joomla are compared in terms of user interfaces, Joomla has a bit complex user interface. The admin panel of Joomla has many options. Thus, the person reading it the first time might get confused.

Joomla has been proven successful when it comes to changing colour, banners, logos etc but when it comes to customization beyond that, it is a bit complex in Joomla.

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