Keep your website design suitable for visually impaired users too!

12 Apr Keep your website design suitable for visually impaired users too!

Not all your users are the same. Your website designshould be easy to access to all kind of people. Your navigation in the website should be easy and uncomplicated. Both your general visitors and physically disabled people should be taken care of when it comes to user-friendliness. Not all aspects of a website can be modified for visually impaired people, but here are few tips that you can follow for their easy access.

    • Avoid using tables in your website – For the segregation of web content, developers make use of table layouts. But these table layouts make the website accessibility more difficult. Instead you can use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). They are more appropriate for disable people.


    • Use simple language – simplicity is a very important aspect in web designing and website content writing. All your visitors won’t be used to professional words. Visually impaired visitors will find it difficult to make out complicated words and sentences.


    • Simple navigation – Visually impaired people can get confused with complicated navigation system. Avoid including too many drop-downs.


    • Use of site map – This is one of the best ways of accessing a website for visually impaired people. On a sitemap, they get the entire layout of the website and they can easily access any section of the website.


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