Key features of MySQL programming database

18 Apr Key features of MySQL programming database

MySQL is a powerful programming tool that has been popular amongst the web developers and used by many for developing a website. Here are the key features of MySQL –

    • Open-source Nature – MySQL is an open source database engine. MySQL blends with all the major programming languages and has wide variations like Berkeley DB, Heap, InnoDB etc.


    • Licensing – MySQL’s licensing fee is zero that means it comes for free of cost. it works under GNU. Thus, it is a great database for developer, which they can use in their website design.


    • Performance – MySQL is more dominating and compatible with operating systems like Linux. MySQL is stable in nature as well.


    • Security – MySQL enables the developer to change the ports when the default system seems to be susceptible.


Some of the disadvantages of MySQL are –

    • One of the major disadvantages of MySQL is that it is devoid of stored procedures.


    • As it operates over IP ports, it is more exposed to hackers.


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