Limitations of HTML5

13 Apr Limitations of HTML5

All of us are aware of the latest version of HTML i.e. HTML5. Yes obviously HTML5 is a considerable replacement of HTML4. The better coding system in HTML5 has enabled easy input of media files in the website now. But we know that every coin has two sides. There are few disadvantages of HTML5 which are given below and everyone should consider this points before creating new website design using HTML5-

    • Security – HTML5 is not must popular as such but its chances of replacing flash have increased its chances of popularity. But security is a big problem with HTML5. As far as now, HTML5 websites have to face a bit of security problems.


    • Features – the features of HTML5 have not fulfilled the expectations of the web developers. It was expected that it will be very much near to Flash but it doesn’t even have 50% features of Flash. HTML5 is a higher version of HTML4 but doesn’t offer features that are worth taking a note.


    • Browser compatibility – HTML5 still lacks its compatibility with all the browsers. It is still not supported by a few browsers. Thus, majority of the websites avoid the use of HTML5 for coding. Very few have used HTML5 and others have it as their alternative option. Also, the webpage developed on HTML5 sometimes appear different on different browser.


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