Link Popularity and Page Ranking are 2 different things

13 Apr Link Popularity and Page Ranking are 2 different things

People have a common myth about link popularity and page ranking that both of them are same terms. But link popularity and page ranking are 2 different terms but are related to one another. Both the points are important and should be considered when evaluating results of search engine optimization.

What is link popularity?

Link popularity is a concept which includes the exchange of website links within 2 or more websites and the number of related link that a website has for it. Link popularity helps in increasing the traffic for your website by stimulating SEO. More the number of links you have for your website more will be the traffic to your website.

What is Page rank?

Page rank is search engine algorithm. Every element in the set of web links is given certain ranking or weightage for the purpose of knowing its relative importance. Page rank algorithm is used by Google search engine.

Relation between link popularity and page rank

Link popularity is directly proportional to page rank. If you have higher number of links to your website, your website pages will be ranked higher in the search engine results. Page rank is actually the result of link popularity. Both are not the same concept.

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