Linux web hosting vs. Windows web hosting – Which one should you choose?

24 Apr Linux web hosting vs. Windows web hosting – Which one should you choose?

From a long period of time, there is a competition on between Linux and windows web hosting. Both have equivalent advantages. Linux web hosting is known for its popularity and windows web hosting is known for supporting a wide range of programming frameworks.

Here are the advantages of Linux web hosting –

    • Linux web hosting is accessible everywhere and to everyone due to open software code writing.


    • It is very convenient as it can be easily downloaded from anywhere, copied and modified as per our requirements.


    • Linux web hosting is cost effective. And the entire linux web hosting package includes a variety of server applications.


    • Moreover, Linux web hosting is easy and user friendly to use.


 Disadvantage of Linux web hosting –

    • It doesn’t support most of the Window based applications.


Here are the disadvantages of Windows web hosting –

    • Windows web hosting is the best option for .NET or Visual basic framework.


    • Another advantage is that it supports Microsoft Front page extensions also.


    • Microsoft web hosting is also a good option for .ASP and other Dynamically Database Driven Pages.


    • Users get a fast access to windows web hosting and very easy to use due to its friendly format.


The main disadvantage of Windows web hosting is that is not cost-effective and huge costs are required for licensing of various Windows related technology. Most website design companies are preferring Linux hosting in recent times.

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