List of media softwares you can use on your website

13 Apr List of media softwares you can use on your website

In this competitive world many new trends are being developed in the field of website designing, many new technologies are being used to keep the competitors at the bay. Nowadays if your site is depending on the text content and some images then you definitely will notice a steep loss in your business. Hence to cope up one should try to make his website live by adding videos, apps and various other multimedia.

Following are some new media options that you can use:

Quick time movies:

Quick time movies are standard movie formats which are played in quick time players. You can easily upload quick time videos on your website and your visitors can watch them for free.

Quick time virtual reality is also and new introduced feature. It provides object movie in which your visitors can turn an image in 360 degree. It provides new experience to your visitors.

Flash movies:

Flash is nothing but glowing graphics and heavy size files. Using flash one can create interactive graphics which nowadays are appreciated by the visitors.

Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat converts your word documents files into PDF files. Visitors prefer PDF file because they are easy to view and download and it is a new way of sending your websites content.

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