The magic of Photo Editing and Image Retouching

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04 Sep The magic of Photo Editing and Image Retouching

Photo editing is the foundation for a large industry that consists of services like photo retouching and masking. Here, by photo manipulation, we mean to talk about the various effects that can be given to photos in the post-production process. By changing some parts of the photograph, we are adding more glamour and sometimes even a feel of supernatural to the simple pic.

By using color changing techniques, make hair look bold and dashing by adding a set of pink, green or even purple streaks. The person could be made to look like a supernatural creature, by adding extra glow to body parts and eyes. Have fun with friends by making them look like an alien! Or else you could transform a pic into a piece of comic by adding effects, or even use “ Crack and Peel” effect to make the skin look like it is peeling off. One of the most favorite effects would be one of the weirdest ones, the Age Progression effect. Through this, you could estimate your look in old age, with grey hair and wrinkles. You could make yourself a fairy by adding wings to your body too!

Photo manipulation in such instances should be used only for entertainment purposes and nothing more serious than that, as sometimes it can hurt feelings and lead to problems.

You can see more examples of photo editing and image retouching here.


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