Market your Game Well!

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30 Jan Market your Game Well!

Wherever your eyes go- they meet a world full of competitors. Technology is developing at a rapid pace, people are losing interest as soon as something is new comes in front of their eyes and games and apps for mobile phones have become a rage amongst the mobile users. Don’t you think there’s a need to stand out- Stand out and beat the rest?

Let not the “App Store” alone, decide your fate. Your new game should get noticed – MARKET it well!

1)  Shout your lungs out- Or let your portal shout:
Create a web page, use social media and write blogs. Target the review sites and the news sites. Ask people to write reviews. Let it go viral.

2)  A trial that can make it go Viral:
Launch it for free and ask them to evaluate and give reviews regarding the same. Take their feedback and value them. Determination of price can be done thereafter.

3)  The might of the Press:
Press releases are valuable in their own way. All you need to decide is as to which media your target audience turns to the most and half of your work is done.

4)  Advertise and Buzz:
It is costly but it’s worth the risk, isn’t it? If your game has the potential, to tap the market and create its own value, then why not? This way you get a chance to get noticed by your prospective clients easily, which in future, will lead to generation of the sales revenue.

5) Social Media Marketing-Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn:
How can you forget the spotlight that these social networking sites offer? Tell them what’s going on in your mind, tweet it, create a fan page, talk out and reach to your set of audience. It is a tried and tested method that will never let you down. Try it!

Keep these above points in mind and you will definitely show up in the “Favorites” list very soon. Good luck.

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