New tips for Search engine optimization and getting top rankings on search engines

13 Apr New tips for Search engine optimization and getting top rankings on search engines

Search engine optimization is the way to improve your websites page rank in search engine results. Due to advancement in internet technology many new trends in SEO are introduced. To cope up with this advancement one should have detail knowledge about these new trends.

New trends in SEO are:

    • Geographic optimization


    • Social bookmarking


    • Article marketing


    • Inbound links.


Geographic optimization:

Geographic optimization is a technique of SEO in which websites pages are included in search engine results for the users who filter their results on the basis of their geographic location. This method helps you to find appropriate market for your business.

Social bookmarking:

In social bookmarking, users bookmark and save certain websites and WebPages on social bookmarking sites like digg, dumbleupon etc. Such bookmarking helps your site to rise up is search engine results if your website is being bookmarked by the surfers.

Article marketing:

In article marketing some authors write some article about their business and post them on various places for marketing. Each of these articles contains a bio box in the end. This bio box contains some details about the author and also contains the Backlinks of his website. Hence these Backlinks helps in attracting customers as well as leading to high ranking of the website.

Inbound links:

Inbound links are the links which performs the task of transiting domain i.e. if someone clicks on such links they are automatically diverted towards a very different website. There are some websites who determine the websites rank based on such inbound links. Hence inbound links are important to improve your page’s rank.

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