Online tools for website testing and website maintenance

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27 Apr Online tools for website testing and website maintenance

Creating a website is not just enough. After creating the website, you have test the website and look after the website maintenance. This will help you maintain your customers. Website testing and website maintenanceinclude a number of factors such as speed test, browser compatibility, programming language errors, script errors etc. Here is a list of online tools available for website maintenance and website testing.

    • Website loads slowly – If your website loads slowly, there is a problem in your website structure. A slow loading website annoys the user too. Thus, it is necessary to solve this problem. There are 2 popular tools used to analyse the reasons for why your website is loading slowly –


    1. YSlow – It is a Firefox extension


    1. Timeline option – It is an option created in Google Chrome.


    • Browser compatibility problems – A user-friendly website has to be compatible with all the major web browsers. There are 2 popular tools for checking browser compatibility for your website –


    1. Adobe Browser Lab – In Adobe Browser Lab, you can enter the website URL and besides that you get the details of which browser your website is compatible with and which browser it is not compatible with. It displays details of browsers like Mozilla Firefox 2, 3 and 3.6, Google Chrome 3 and I.E. 6, 7 and 8.


    1. IE tester – This tool helps you check your website compatibility with all the versions of Internet Explorer from 5.5 to 9.


    • JavaScript errors – Sometimes your website may have problem due to error in JavaScript coding. 2 effective tools for solving these JavaScript errors are –


    1. Error Console – This is an option in Firefox. It shows you the error and on click the “clear” option, it solves the problem.


  1. Inline Code Finder – This is separate tool that be installed for both Firefox and Chrome browsers.


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