Outsourcing Guide – How to outsource to India?

04 Apr Outsourcing Guide – How to outsource to India?

Outsourcing has numerous benefits right from low cost human resources to high skilled professional training. Outsourcing of non-core functions have many benefits. Outsourcing has gained popularity as it lowers the administrative work, yields higher productivity, renders huge amount of profits etc.

Below are guidelines for outsourcing to India. Follow them and you might reap the best out of outsourcing to India. You can also contact companies like Global Solutions India who can be your reliable outsourcing partner in India, and will help you with complete process of outsourcing.

Gather a team and research

Before outsourcing to India, all the members of the department can assemble for a meeting and discuss about the points regarding why to outsource. After a proper research, you can come to a conclusion whether outsourcing you department to India will be profitable or no. You also get an idea of investment while outsourcing.

List all the services to be outsourced

Make a list of all the areas of your company which include the non-core activities. Also, go for a brief calculation of the number of human resources required for planning and training.

Expertise outsourcing consultant

This will make your job easier. Browse in your industry for a merger who can give proper consultation in outsourcing to India.

Be ready with a proper business plan

Make a strategic plan such that you can outsource for both long term and short term period. Be ready for both the things. Your business should include proper procedures for outsourcing

Evaluate prospective vendors

Browse for all the health Indian companies which are fit for outsourcing. Write a RPF i.e. Request For Proposal and send it to these companies. Always keep a track of these RPFs. Check out all the proposals and go for the one which is matching your requirements.

Keep yourself legally clear

Make sure that all the documents you have are real and the Indian outsourcing service provider is a real entity too.


You will face a number of problems and barriers like language and culture. Solve them out and adjust with it for better outsourcing.

Provide training and keep in touch

After starting the outsourcing process, make sure that you give proper knowledge to your outsourced team working in India. Constantly, work on giving them high skilled training by professionals so that they keep working smoothly. Always be in touch and contact with your service provider in India. Keep them updated about your progress from time to time.

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