Pay per Click (PPC) advertising and tips

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27 Apr Pay per Click (PPC) advertising and tips

What is Pay per Click advertising?
Pay per Click advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising your websites. This concept was developed in 1998. In this, the advertisements for your websites are created using a lot of keywords and placed on different places on the web. The search engine then crawls through these advertisements and keywords in the ads contribute to higher search engine rankings. This in turn increases the website traffic. Major companies indulging in pay per click advertising are Google Ads, Yahoo search marketing, Microsoft AdCenter etc. Google Ads is the most popular and successful amongst them.

Advantages of Pay per Click advertising
Pay per Click advertising is used to increase the website traffic.

  1. It has raised the quality of advertisements to a different level thereby increasing the Click through rate (CTR).
  2. Pay per Click advertising comparatively draws more attentions leading to more number of clicks.
  3. Pay per Click advertising offers the clients assurance of brining their website on the top. It is one of most effective techniques of SEO for your website.

Tips for Pay per Click advertising

  • Stuff you advertisements with keywords. Write the most appropriate keyword only. This will results in better search engine results.
  • Plan up properly that how all your advertisements will be. Instil in them a sense of creativity. Make your ad look visually interactive. Give proper cascading effects.
  • Design the Pay per Click ads keeping the users in mind. Know the common keywords that the users usually use and make use of those as much as possible.
  • Give an attractive headline. Your headline can also be interrogative. This provokes a sense of mystery in them.
  • If your company’s unique factor is low price, then only showcase the prices. Otherwise do not include the prices in your ads.
  • There should be strictly no grammar and spelling errors. Such errors will wipe the professionalism of your Pay per Click ad.
  • The given ad should have an associated landing page only. If you’re advertising about men t-shirts, the click should redirect the user to men section and not the women section.
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