Pinterest for your website!

03 Apr Pinterest for your website!

May be you don’t know the meaning of pinterest. Pinterest is a online or a virtual pin board where in the people can share and write about their likes and dislikes. Pinterest allows people to organize their things and categorise their like and dislikes.

How will you seek attention to pin your website?

Creative graphic designing will seek attention

People love colours, high-quality graphics and lots of photos. If your visual layouts are good enough. If your blog or website doesn’t have the touch of glamour or eye-candy, it’s time to get more graphics. Photos are not the only things that seek attention to pinterest. But three main things that are required are photos, information-graphics and videos.

Let it be easy for the users

People prefer easy things. Make pinterest east for people. There are many ways to do it if you website has some pin-worthy content. You can add a separate pinterest button on your webpage which is clearly visible. Along with each product, you can add a “Pin this” button. Hence, pinning becomes easy for people.

Pin-friendly website

It’s a bit technical and advanced. Make sure that pins are separate files. All the photos an videos should be saved as individual files. Also keep default descriptions for your website so that it becomes easy for the people who do not want to add separate description.

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