Protect your WordPress Blog from Spam

03 Apr Protect your WordPress Blog from Spam

Spamming is not just an enemy to your daily email box or various websites. Spamming occurs in blog too. There are unnecessary, irrelevant and stupid comments in between the blog. SEOs hate such things and this might result in fall of your blog’s rank in SEO.

Developers used to WordPress must have an idea about thr plugin Akismet. Akismet is a plugin which protects the WordPress blog from scamming. How Akismet does that? It simply reviews all the comments in the blog and marks all the comments which it suspects to be spam. The only job a developer has to do is deleted the comments marked spam by Akismet plugin.

Akismet is a good enough plugin for protection from spamming for both small and big websites. But if your blog has a lot of traffic, you can use some more plugins or extensions against spamming. To prevent trackback spam, there is a Simple Trackback Validation Plugin in WordPress. It helps in filtering the trackbacks.

There is one more new extension known as WP Spam Hitman in WordPress. It is used to filter certain words. Some spammers use common and repetitive words while spamming. WP Spam Hitman helps in setting parameters for omitting the comments using such words.

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