Should blog have third party commenting system?

17 Apr Should blog have third party commenting system?

Every blogger aims at receiving maximum comments for his posts. More comments add to more and more popularity about the blog. If you are up for blog customization or web development customization, third-part commenting system would be an effective way. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of having third-party commenting systems on your website design.

Advantages of third-party commenting system

    1. Integration with social media – The top most advantage of a third-party commenting system is it provides the integrations of posts and comments with the social media like Facebook and Twitter. Through third-party commenting system, a reader can share a particular article on comment on social networking platform thus creating awareness about the blog.


    1. Increased user-friendliness for the readers – With third-party commenting system on your blog, people can receive regular email updates of the blog. It becomes easy for the users for being updated about the blog through enhanced RSS feeds.


    1. Easy signing in to the blog through social media accounts – Using third-party commenting system will let the people sign in to your blog through their accounts in the popular social networking sites thus adding to more traffic to your blog.


    1. Users can rate comments – Also, third-party commenting system enables the users to like, dislike, spam or flags a comment. By giving them this right, the users get a feeling of self-satisfaction that they have few rights on the blog.


Disadvantages of third-party commenting system

    1. Slows down the speed your blog – Some bloggers complain that the use of third-party commenting system affects the system speed of their blog. The speed doesn’t slow down tremendously but it does slow down.


    1. Might eliminate the design element – Few think that the use of third-party commenting system in the blog might affect the design element of the blog. The third-system commenting system might not complement the blog system sometimes and vice versa.


    1. Compulsion of creating account – Use of third-party applications in the blog compels the user to create an account in the blog. You can anonymously comment but you might not get all the features that a signed in user gets.


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