Symptoms of an under performing website design

10 Apr Symptoms of an under performing website design

Being a website designer and a web developer, you must know that for proper website credibility and usability, it is very important to keep updating the website with all the elements evolving in the web. Thus, here are few symptoms that signal an under performing website and these symptoms should be observed while managing a website and should be taken care of.

    • Undesirable Conversion Rates – For every website to be productive, the most important thing is the conversion rate. The increase of the conversion rates is the main aim of any website. The visitors of your website should turn to customers, not all but obviously few which you expect. If your website is not getting a expected conversion rate, you must look for flaws in your web design due to its under-performance.


    • Low search engine rankings and search engine traffic – your website’s success is decided on the basis of number of people viewing your website that comes in the search engine results. If you don’t get enough traffic for your website, you must realize that it is important then to seek some SEO professionals for your website.


    • Loss of new visitors and returning regular visitors – when the visitors start hating your website or they stop liking it, they stop visiting your website. This leads to loss of regular and new visitors to your website.


    • Incomplete sales – sometime, may be visitors come to your website, but leave their purchase incomplete. If this happens again and again frequently with the visitors, there is definitely a problem with your website design. Have a look at it and make the website do through internal resting.



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